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There is a difference between "page 2" and "Section 2". Wherever the "Section 2" is located, the author most likely has actually given it the title "Section 2", so that is the name of a specific section of your paper.
In order to start page numbering on the second page in Microsoft Word, follow the instructions below. (Follow the additional instructions at the links on the bottom of the page for other page number formatting such as roman numerals).
Remembering Beloved Page Two Author, Phil Lind. The Page Two team is saddened to announce that Phil Lind, co-author of Tales of an Unsung Sourdough: The Extraordinary Klondike Adventures of Johnny Lind, passed away on Sunday on his eightieth birthday.
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Both 'in page 2' and 'on page 2' are commonly used, but 'on page 2' is the more appropriate and widely accepted phrase in English. 'On page 2' is the correct preposition to use when referring to a specific page in a document, book, or publication.