page 4. “Page 4” is internet shorthand for the food list and guidelines on the fourth page of the handout I give my patients at the Keto Medicine Clinic at Duke University. The wisdom of Page 4 comes from its long history of successful use in thousands of patients across all walks of life.
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We always laughed at those events! NOTE: Dr. Westman has published his famous Page 4, mentioned often in the equally famous ‘white coat video’. This is THE food list as endorsed and taught by the good doctor to his patients at the Duke clinic.
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Introducing the Page 4 Diet: THE SIMPLEST & MOST EFFECTIVE KETO FAT LOSS PLAN. Feeling totally lost and overwhelmed in the sea of conflicting info out there about keto? Tired of counting macros, carbs, fat, protein, and obsessing (and worrying!) about every molecule of food you eat? Ready to make things SIMPLE and UNCOMPLICATED? If so, DR.
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Low carb keto Page 4 Wraps are gluten and grain free, diabetic friendly and perfect for either your Page 4 meal plan or Atkins Induction.